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Shandong shouguang city sifang food co. , ltd, Is established in 1998, locating the Chinese carrot the first townthe green passage of south , the west superhighway, the east Qingdao, the transportation is very convenient.
The company is a production that concentrates on the agriculture by-product and process, protects the fresh and high standard dehydrate in the integral whole of the large share system business enterprise, have the immigration examination to quarantine the health registration qualifications and self-run the import and export power. The existing property of my company totals 25,000,000 dollars, covering 50000 square meters, constructing 30000 square meters of area, setting up the capacity to protect fresh 2 of constant temperature database for 2500 tons, processing a 10 of car. Currently the company ushers in the forerunner's production equipments from the abroad, existing and professional 500 technical personnel and officers and workers, had the hard processing technology and produce the experience. The company carries out the year to export to create to remit 8,000,000 dollars, the business enterprise presents a sturdy development power head. .
My company invests 12,000,000 dollars in 2003 at the time of producing to sell the traditional product before ushering in the complete set stainless steel vegetable handled the equipments production line and dried the equipments, is a domestic one of the biggest dehydration vegetable production line currently. Currently the dehydration carrot grain that company produce, dehydrate the onions, dehydrate the sweet potato and dehydrate the cabbage etc. product, have already sold the United States, middle east, Korea and the need of several season with different from region, satisfy the customer nation, different layers of etc. of Southeast Asia far, work hard for to attain to make the customer's satisfied ideal state.
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